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Compántas Aisteoirí na nÓg Irish-American Music Theatre Initiative

The Compántas Aisteoirí na nÓg, Irish-American Music Theatre Initiative is a program created by Poor Yorick Productions Artistic Director, Emmalyn Gladney Miron LMSW, Father David Bradley of Holy Family Church, and Seamus Lynch, retired Head Master of St. Paul's Senior National School and the youngest head master in Ireland, to share culture and the arts with underprivileged children both in Ireland and in the United States. Last March, Mrs. Miron took a group of students from OhLook Performing Arts Center to perform with her Irish students to put on a musical together to raise funds for the local schools and churches in Drogheda. 

The area of Drogheda we are working with is an economic blackspot and one of the poorest parts of Ireland. We want to bring cultural events, lessons in the arts and a sense of community to this area. This program is a perfect way to assist at-risk youth in life and decision making skills, healthy self-image, teamwork and higher education goals. We will achieve this through activities in the performing arts. 

Your donations will help produce our future shows. Donations will offset travel expenses for youth who cannot afford to fly and will contribute directly to our program in Drogheda. The schools and churches in Drogheda provide a safe haven for students and a fun venue for them to experience life. This is a truly unique program and an absolutely worthy and wonderful group of students! We thank you for all your donations!

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